Marla Glen – Groove That Thang REMIXPECTED

Marla Glen Club – Groove That Thang (Remix by Eric D. Clark)
Release 31.12.2023


Marla Glen feat. Spacetrain i said hey (extended version)

I Said Hey – Marla Glen (feat. Spacetrain) – Extended Version
Release 14.07.2023


I Said Hey – Marla Glen (feat. Spacetrain)
Release 10.07.2023

The curious nature of Marla Glen always brings a surprising new musical journey. This time, it leads to a nostalgic trip back to the future of 80s sound, giving birth to the beautifully envisioned song „I Said Hey.“

Thanks to the wonderful collaboration with Spacetrain, two renowned music visionaries, this transformation took place. Spacetrain elegantly dressed Marla Glen’s song in a new suit. Feel free to dive in and experience it.

Single REMIXpected

Prove All Your Lovin‘ (Club Mix) – Marla Glen Club
Release 31.03.2023

Turn up the volume and hit the dance floor with Marla Glen’s latest club mix single release: „Prove All Your Lovin‘ (Club Mix)“!

This remix takes you back to the golden era of 90s New York house club mixes, with a fresh new twist that’s sure to get you in the groove!

Thanks to Marla Glen’s raw emotion and pure energy, this track delivers an electrifying experience. Produced at Fabris Audio Berlin and featuring additional production at Cycle Studio Zagreb, this club mix single is part of the „Remixpected Edition“ project, which reimagines songs from Marla Glen’s original „Unexpected“ album. „Prove All Your Lovin'“ is just a taste of what’s to come.

So get ready to experience Marla Glen’s „Prove All Your Lovin‘ (Club Mix)“ – the perfect fusion of old-school vibes and fresh new grooves that will keep you dancing all night long!



Marla Glen - Impressions of Unexpected (Poetry)

Impressions of Unexpected (Poetry) – Marla Glen
Release 01.08.2022

Impressions of Unexpected (Poetry) – Marla Glen

For the first time, Marla Glen uses his lyrics as a Spoken Word Artist.
Inspired by the beauty of poetry and the uniqueness of Marla Glen’s voice, we explore and experience a new dimension of expression. This project features lyrics from Glen’s latest CD “Unexpected” and combines exclusively composed piano scores, each presented individually as a distinctive piece of art.


Unexpected – Marla Glen
Released 02.02.2020


I Don’t Care – Marla Glen
Released 06.12.2019

Steppin' up Cover

Steppin‘ Up – Marla Glen
Released 10.01.2020



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